Sottile Family Reunion

The Sottile Family of Charleston, South Carolina, is comprised of the descendants of five brothers from Gangi, Sicily, who immigrated to Charleston in the late 1800's. When they arrived in America they could barely speak English and were of limited financial resources. But through hard work, determination and strong family bonds which united them, these brothers lived the American dream to its fullest, becoming outstanding citizens who prospered and served their communities well.

The Sottile Family In America

1889 - 2008

Sottile Brothers

Salvatore and Rosina Albergamo Sottile of Gangi, Sicily, had seven children who immigrated to the United States. Through their hard work, determination and entrepreneurial skills, five sons, Giovanni, Nicholas, Santo, Albert and James, achieved high esteem, affluence and prosperity in their various business ventures and civic efforts in Charleston. James later settled in southern Florida to continue his success. After Salvatore's death, Rosina left Sicily for Charleston with her daughter Marie and other son Joseph. Rosina and Marie lived out their days in Charleston. Because of his ill health, Joseph returned to Sicily, where he was laid to his final resting place. Over two hundred descendants of the five brothers continue to bring honor to the family name throughout the United States by following the values and virtues instilled in them by their ancestors.

The names of the eight family members who immigrated to the United States were placed in memory on the American Immigrant Wall of Honor at Ellis Island, New York, sponsored by the Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. (courtesy of Sottile Family Reunion 1990).

Every five years the Sottile family holds a reunion to honor these great men, renew family bonds and sustain their proud Sicilian heritage. For information on the 2020 Reunion, please click here.