The Sottile Souvenir Store

The following souvenirs remain from Sottile Family Reunion 2000:

  1. Wooden Miniature of the Riviera Theatre (art deco style theatre built by Albert Sottile in 1939) $20.00
  2. A Record of the Sottile Family of Charleston (Millennium Edition) $15.00
  3. Sottile Coffee Mug $5.00
  4. Sottile Champagne $20.00
  5. Sottile Baseball Cap $5.00
  6. "I Married a Sottile" Pin $10.00
  7. Sottile Luggage Tags (package of three) $10.00

Family, friends, and all Sottiles across the world are welcome to purchase these items while supplies last. Just e-mail your order to us by clicking Sottile Family Reunion.